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The Weavers Way

with Becca Herrington

As we walk along our path, all of our combined moments paint a picture expressing who we are at that particular point in time.  Experiences both amazing, and sometimes painful, create this rich tapestry we call life.  At one point or another all of us encounter some event that stresses the fibers of our tapestry creating an energetic gap in our field.  Many traditional peoples believe that if this gap is not mended, it will manifest itself in the physical body as illness.   


As a traditionally trained medicine woman, I will assist you in reweaving the fibers of your rich existence to regain your sense of wholeness allowing you to experience vibrancy once more.

People often ask me, “What happens when someone comes to see you for a shamanic healing session?”  It is always a unique and multi-layered experience all driven by what is happening for the person in the moment, but when stripped down to the very essence of a session, it is all about SPIRITUAL HYGIENE.  


We are quite familiar with physical hygiene, cleansing our bodies, brushing our teeth, flossing, etc.  Spiritual hygiene is just as important, and dare I say, maybe even more so given the fact that all of us are surrounded by an energetic field that encompasses our physical body.  Your aura or energy body is an extension of your physical body which is effected by your emotions, thoughts, the news, social media and yes, the people you surround yourself with.  


Just as we need to shower for our physical hygiene, we need to scrub our energetic bodies as well to maintain good Spiritual Hygiene.  Fear causes contraction which can make us vulnerable to disease.  When we practice Spiritual Hygiene on a regular basis, we fortify our aura which helps build protection from negative influences and, in turn, strengthens our immune system.  Being in a healthy, positive state allows us to connect with our hearts and with one another at the level of love and compassion.  


In these times, it is important to maintain both physical AND Spiritual hygiene.


About Becca

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Becca started along the path of a healer in her early twenties because of her deep respect for the Earth and all of it’s inhabitants.  She became a Reiki Master Teacher mentoring students in the activation of the natural healing art of the body.  Becca graduated from Dove Star Holistic Institute in 2001 with a degree in massage therapy followed by an in depth study with the Upledger Institute International to become a CranioSacral therapist in 2003.  As an herbalist, who apprenticed under the guidance of Rosemary Gladstar, Becca has a genuine love for all the beauty and healing potential that the plant kingdom graciously offers us.  Becca is a UVM, Larner College of Medicine, Professionally Certified End-of-Life Doula graduate that allows her to be the bridge between realms as she assists the dying person and their loved ones during this sacred time of transition. She has spent more than two decades training in the shamanic practices of the traditional peoples of the Andes mountains and jungles of Peru and Ecuador.  She is currently under the tutelage of the Magia, her matrineal lineage of Sicily.
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