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             Shamanic Cacao Ceremony~

            The Doorway to Metamorphosis

Who doesn’t like the taste of chocolate?  But did you know that not only does it taste yummy but in its pure form it is also good for you?   


Some of the benefits of cacao include:


* High in anti-oxidants such as flavonoids that help support healthy function of the cardiovascular system


* Increases focus and creativity through the help of theobromine that is a gentle and grounded source of energy


* Releases endorphins and serotonin into the brain enhancing one’s mood


* Contains high levels of magnesium which helps support a healthy immune system


 The Shamanic Cacao ceremony allows us to work with this ancient plant medicine to open our hearts and foster connection with our own deep knowing.   This magical bean increases our energy level as it sharpens our focus and enhances our creativity.  Yet, it brings about a deep sense of relaxation and peace leaving us with an overall feeling of well being.

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