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Sacred Bathing Workshop

June 30, 2018

1:00~4:00pm at Green Heart Farm, Springfield, VT

The ceremony of Sacred Bathing is a long held belief that all of our bodies, physical and emotional, need cleansing to remove impurities in order for us to maintain our health and vibrancy. One of the many forms of the art of Sacred Bathing is the Andean tradition of South America handed down through the generations that incorporates the use of plants (either fresh or dried) prayers and water. Although both women and men participate in the bathing, the groups are traditionally segregated as a way of offering support between women with women or men with men. This single act builds trust as we learn to become more open and vulnerable. When we allow ourselves to be taken care of we are breaking down the barriers to self-acceptance and ultimately create a deeper sense of belonging to community.

Both women and men are encouraged to join us!

Cost: sliding scale $65.00- $50.00 per person Registration: Please contact Cynthia Berg at Green Heart Farm, 316 Parker Hill Road, Springfield, VT 802-885-1792

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