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Spiritual Hygiene

People often ask me, “What happens when someone comes to see you for a shamanic healing session?” It is always a unique and multi-layered experience all driven by what is happening for the person in the moment, but when stripped down to the very essence of a session, it is all about SPIRITUAL HYGIENE.

We are quite familiar with physical hygiene, cleansing our bodies, brushing our teeth, flossing, etc. Spiritual hygiene is just as important, and dare I say, maybe even more so given the fact that all of us are surrounded by an energetic field that encompasses our physical body. Your aura or energy body is an extension of your physical body which is effected by your emotions, thoughts, the news, social media and yes, the people you surround yourself with.

Just as we need to shower for our physical hygiene, we need to scrub our energetic bodies as well to maintain good Spiritual Hygiene. Fear causes contraction which can make us vulnerable to disease. When we practice Spiritual Hygiene on a regular basis, we fortify our aura which helps build protection from negative influences and, in turn, strengthens our immune system. Being in a healthy, positive state allows us to connect with our hearts and with one another at the level of love and compassion.

In these times it is important to maintain both physical AND Spiritual hygiene.

Let our mantra be— Precaution not Panic!

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